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This package provides tools for managing Bioconductor and other packages in a manner consistent with Bioconductor's package versioning and release system.


Main functions are as follows; additional help is available for each function, e.g., ?BiocManager::version.

The version of Bioconductor in use is determined by the installed version of a second package, BiocVersion. BiocVersion is installed automatically during first use of BiocManager::install(). If BiocVersion has not yet been installed, the version is determined by code in base R.

Options influencing package behavior (see ?options, ?getOption) include:

  • "repos", "BiocManager.check_repositories": URLs of additional repositories for use by BiocManger::install(). See ?repositories.

  • "pkgType": The default type of packages to be downloaded and installed; see ?install.packages.

  • "timeout": The maximum time allowed for download of a single package, in seconds. BiocManager increases this to 300 seconds to accommodate download of large BSgenome and other packages.

System environment variables influencing package behavior include:

  • BIOCONDUCTOR_ONLINE_VERSION_DIAGNOSIS advanced configuration to avoid Bioconductor version checks. See ?install.

  • BIOCONDUCTOR_CONFIG_FILE for offline use of BiocManager versioning functionality. See ?install.

  • BIOCONDUCTOR_USE_CONTAINER_REPOSITORY opt out of binary package installations. See ?containerRepository.

  • BIOCMANAGER_CHECK_REPOSITORIES silence messages regarding non-standard CRAN or Bioconductor repositories. See ?repositories.

  • BIOCMANAGER_SITE_REPOSITORY configure a more permanent site_repository input to repositories(). See ?repositories.


Maintainer: Marcel Ramos (ORCID)



#> [1] "R version 4.3.2 (2023-10-31)"
#> [1] ‘’
if (requireNamespace("BiocVersion", quietly = TRUE))
#> [1] ‘3.17.1’
#> [1] ‘3.17’